Bison Armory 6.8 SPC Upper

I have been on hiatus for some time now due to uncontrollable life events. I am back now and hope to get more reviews out of equipment that I have purchased over the past several months. First up is the Bison Armory 6.8 SPC upper.



  • 18″ SPR profile stainless steel 6.8mm barrel with 4-groove 1:11″ twist
  • M4 feedramps, hand fit to receiver for smooth cycling
  • SPC II Chamber
  • 5/8″ – 24 TPI muzzle threads
  • Mid length gas system
  • Basic free float Mid or rifle length forearm

Bison Armory 6.8 SPC BR-15 rifle barrels are made by E.R. Shaw and White Oak Armament. Shaw makes our standard barrels while White Oak uses Shilen blanks to make our match grade barrels. All of our 6.8 SPC barrels are made with the following specifications:

  • 6.8 SPC II chamber
  • 1:11″ twist
  • M4 feed ramp cuts
  • 416 stainless steel
  • Button rifling
  • 5/8-24 muzzle thread or 11 degree target crown

Our barrels are capable of MOA accuracy with quality ammunition, and our profile supports Ops Inc 12th Model silencers, as well as silencers from Surefire, AAC, Gemtech, and YHM.


Now that you know a little about the upper set up let me get into my review.

6.8 SPC II Round:

I have owned several AR platforms but this is my first AR platform chambered in 6.8 SPC II and I absolutely love the round and everything about it. Being a resident in the state of Virginia we are regulated to the caliber size used to kill game such as Deer as many other states do as well. Virginia regulations regulate the hunter to use a caliber larger than a .24 to take large game. The development and availability of the 6.8 SPC II has made it viable for hunters like myself to be able to afford an AR platform chambered in a larger caliber without hurting the pocket book. This is mainly because with the 6.8 SPC II round you can use any standard AR-15 lower because the round does not exceed the overall length of the .223/5.556 NATO round. The caliber bullet that the 6.8 SPC II shoots is a .270 caliber round which means it is well within the means of the regulations of many states.


The Bison Armory Upper that I have mounted onto a New Frontier Armory Polymer Lower is the most accurate rifle that I own by far that is a Semi-Auto. Here is a picture of 4 shots that I took at 100 yards with OPEN 45 Degree Canted sights at 100 yards free handed. Not to bad I have to say so my self. I had one flyer because of the my shooting in the bottom right corner of the target. 2 in the middle one in the top right target.



The fit and finish of the Bison Armory 6.8 SPC II upper is out standing. I took the rifle deer hunting all season and the upper finish has shown no wear or scratches from normal carry through the woods, and up and down tree stands. The fit to the lower is extremely tight. I feel that part of that may be related to the lower as well as they are know to have a tight fit. The finish is comparable to the S&W AR series. Here is description from :

Upper Receivers

Bison Armory carries forged and billet upper receivers for 6.8 SPC, as well as billet receivers for our 7.62 NATO platform rifles. Forged receivers are made to military specifications from aluminum forgings. Billet receivers are made from a solid rectangular aluminum billet. The primary difference between forged and billet receivers is that billet receiver external geometry is typically different from that of the forged counterparts. Instead of trying to recreate the forged exterior of standard upper receivers, manufacturers make the best of their situation and add geometric bulk to the receivers to produce a superior product. Because aluminum is so light weight to begin with, the added material adds a lot of strength to the receiver without adding a lot of weight.


For the quality of the upper and what you are purchasing (Made in the USA) you will not find a greater value else where. Yes you maybe able to find a cheaper upper from places like Palmetto State Armory but again it is like the old saying “You get what you pay for.” Not saying anything bad about Palmetto State Armory because they offer great products at a great price, but if your goal with a 6.8 SPC II Upper is accuracy, durability, and dependability I highly recommend Bison Armory. Their Customer Service is only equivalent to something you find out of the 50’s when respect, service, and customer appreciation was still a staple in the retail industry.┬áCheck them out if you are in the market for a 6.8 SPC II Upper and if you have any questions about it feel free to contact them I have never had a problem with getting answers and quick replys.



New Products From Wicked Tree Hand Saws!!! Check Them Out!!


All these new products by Wicked Tree Gear!! Check them out their hand saws are extremely durable, tough, and cut through wood like butter! You will not find a better value for a hand saw on the market. Think of it this way…. You could pay for a cheap hand saw and save a few dollars that moment but you spend more over time because you constantly have to keep purchasing new saws….. or you get a Wicked Tree Hand Saw and you have a great American made product that will last you forever and replacement blades are available. I am in no way, shape or form endorsing Wicked Tree Gear or trying to sell their products for them, but when I find a product that lives up to what they promise and then some, and are also 100% American made I have to let as many people as possible know about them. Just check them out and if you decide to get one that’s great you wont be disappointed, and if you don’t that’s great keep buying the cheap Made In China saws. lol. Love this product so check it out. You will love it to if you pick one up.

“You Get What You Pay For..” always has been true.



Kentucky Gun Co.



Recently purchased a Heritage Rough Rider Case Hardened 22/22mag Revolver, and the customer service and experience was outstanding! Just wanted to give everyone a heads up if they like to purchase firearms online. Shipping is very reasonable and I have found guns that I can not find locally through KYGUNCO. Check them out they have a lot of inventory and are very friendly. They responded to my emails within a few hours and had my firearm shipped out the following day after ordering. Also, they have a lot of the local FFL dealers already on file for transfers. Check them out I highly recommend them!!!

UPDATE: Wicked Tree Hand Saw

6 month update:


Wow is all I have to say…..WOW! I have tried a lot of outdoor saws over the years and non can shake a stick at the Wicked Tree Hand Saw. This thing is AMAZING and that doesn’t even sum it up. I recently went on vacation to OHIO…. I know not a real vacation destination but that is where my family is from… Anyway, we were looking at cutting down some smaller trees at the back of our property line, and needless to say had no chain saw but did have the Wicked Tree Hand Saw in my trunk so that was the next best thing without a motor. My old man thought we would be there for hours and wearing ourselves out…… Boy was he wrong!!! In 10 minutes we cut two trees down and cleared a lot of vines and numerous others things with this saw. Never went dull and never had a problem with it! Over Six months of continues use and beating this thing up and down the woods and road it has performed flawlessly. Like I said before…. If you don’t have one get one!!! If you can’t shoot a buck its because you cant see and need the help of Wicked Tree…. lol (that one was for my own entertainment lol) Go out and get one. Best investment you will make as far as saws go for the outdoors and for anywhere!



AFTER!!!! in just 10 minutes!!!





Cobra Derringer 38 Special

The Cobra Arms Derringer In 38 Special


Ok I bought this gun on impulse…. Ill admit it!!! I thought it was neat, could be used as a nice back up concealed carry gun, and the price was right at $180 out the door. Well……. Its like they say you get what you pay for!! I never even got out to the rang and already had several problems with it. The barrel latch as seen in the picture stopped working completely and the gun had not even seen one round! After inspecting and taking apart the barrel latch I noticed that from the factory they put a very…very…very small amount of BLUE loc-tite on the single screw that holds it all together. It was not nearly enough to do the job at all! So I put a good amount of the same loc-tite on and it seemed to fix the problem. Note: If i did not catch this issue and shot the gun the barrel would have came flying back at my face with whatever else. Needless to say I no longer own this little death trap! One other thing that I hated about it was the trigger. 27lb trigger pull and you had to pull in and push down for the trigger to work. Supposedly this is a safety feature….. I think they just made a gun that is idiot proof. On a scale 1-10 I would give the Cobra Derringer a 3. Price is right, quality is not great at all, but it is concealable in a big bore caliber. I would not recommend this firearm to anyone I personally know. Check the gun out, hold it in your hand, and get a feel for it yourself and then make your decision on what you think about it. I hope this review helps and be safe!!!

Tannerite Targets (Exploding Targets)

Well I finally got my hands on some explosive fun! Took these out to the property and let go!! I would have to say that it was the best $8.99 target I had ever bought. I could sit here all day and act like they are just a waist of money and that no one needs exploding targets like a left sided liberal would, but guess what…. I’M NOT! I absolutely love these things!!!! Extremely simple and safe to use and a whole lot of fun. The container comes with a mixing container, actual target container, and ammonium nitrate and aluminum powder. Now the down fall to the $8.99 price for a 1/2 lb target is that you can buy 2 pounds of powdered aluminum on Ebay for $16.99 and go to Rite-Aid and buy a Hot & Cold pack for $4, and make exploding targets. You must make sure that the ingredients read: Ammonium Nitrate and Water. If they do not they will not explode with mixed with powdered aluminum. Here is the recipe.

Exploding Targets:

(1- however many depending on how many you want to make) Pack of Hot & Cold from any drug store that states “Ingredients: Ammonium Nitrate & Water” DO NOT BUY UREA NITRATE

Powdered Aluminum- This is where I purchased mine:

OK for mixing you are going to mix 5% Aluminum Powder and 95% Ammonium Nitrate.

Example: 100g of AN and 5g of AP

This is 100% Legal by the ATF. The ILLEGAL part is mixing and transporting of Tannerite. DO NOT MIX AND TRANSPORT!!! IT IS A FELONY AND WILL EXPLODE IF IMPACTED!


This recipe is intended for educational purposes only and Ask Review Anything assumes no responsibilities, liabilities, or knowledge of user error. We do not condone the use of exploding targets to inexperienced individuals or groups. This is an explosive and may cause bodily injury and/or death. Use safe practices and proper training while handling this compound, and have fun!


DuraCoat Contest Winner

We Finally Have A Winner

The winner of the DuraCoat Contest is…….

Ben Garret

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Congratulations and Please get a hold of us ASAP with your shipping information.

If the winner fails to reply then we will generate a new winner.

Thanks to everyone that participated!

The next drawling will be for an AR15 Mag Coupler

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Upcoming Reviews!

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Keep checking back as we start pumping out reviews and information.

Will be announcing a winner for the DuraCoat contest this weekend. So if you have not entered please do so, and keep watching your email for the announcement!

Archangel Mosin Nagant Stock

Hey everyone,

It has been awhile since I have posted and I apologize. I have been crazy busy and have not got much free time. I see this today and just knew I had to share with everyone!! I cant wait to get one for my Nagant. Archangel is going to becoming out with these soon. Check them out if you have a Mosin Nagant. You cant go wrong with them!


RIP Chris Kyle

An American Hero Dead: Chris Kyle


A true American Hero dead at 38. Gunned down at 3:30pm at a shooting range in Texas; Chris Kyle, 38-years-old and Chad Littlefield, 35-years-old were both shot and killed at point blank range. The suspect, Eddie Ray Routh, 25-years-old is a former Marine that was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder. There is no suspicions on why Routh committed the crime yet.

Chris Kyle is a famous US Sniper with 160 confirmed kills and the longest being at 1.2 miles. Kyle stated the number of kills in his book: “American Sniper: The Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in US Military History.” After leaving the Navy Kyle founded Craft International, a company that provided combat and weapons training to military, police and corporate and civilian clients.

Chris Kyle’s family will be in our of our prayers and it is a sad day to know that a true American Hero has gone out the way he has.