Marlin 795 Upgrades: The Inexpensive Multipurpose .22lr

Marlin 795 Upgrades

Hope everyone is doing well and It has been a few days since I have posted something. Here I will give you the first looks of the modified Marlin 795. This .22lr is more accurate out of the box than a Ruger 10/22 and sports a thicker bull barrel. I have installed a Boyd’s SS Evolution gun stock in Apple Jack. Also courtesy of DIP Products Inc. we have installed a new Billet trigger guard and trigger; which eliminated almost all of the pre-travel in the trigger pull. No more squishy trigger! Also it is equipped with the Billet charging handle and Billet picatinny rail. All extremely well manufactured products and will not put a hole in your bill fold. We have on order from ProMag two of their new 25 rd magazines for the Marlin 795, but will not be seeing them for sometime as they are on back order. We will be posting a video of the new modifications in action at the range and a review. Hope y’all enjoy the pictures and if you have any information on the products please feel free to contact me or the manufactures.

Diversified Innovative Products

Boyds Gun Stocks

photo photo_1 photo_2 photo_3 photo_4 photo_6 photo_7 photo_5


5 thoughts on “Marlin 795 Upgrades: The Inexpensive Multipurpose .22lr

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  2. Thank you i just got my 795 and now i Know it can be customized . I was told There was nothing out there for Marlin. I hope mine will be as Beautiful as yours is .

  3. Hi Jorge,

    The Boyd’s gun stock is completely drop in ready. It is well made and the ergonomics is outstanding. I would high recommend picking up the DIP Productions parts as it make the 795 trigger pre-travel eliminate and the trigger pull is crisp. Also you upgrade your 795 parts to Billet Anodized parts that are way more durable than the poly parts that come stock from the factory. Hope this helps!!

    Ask ReView Anything

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