Wicked Tree Hand Saw Review Pt. 1

Wicked Tree Hand Saw

Hey y’all it has been awhile since I have posted due to being extremely busy. I wanted to fill everyone in on my recent use of the Wicked Tree Hand Saw. Let me tell you this thing is AMAZING! I went out in the woods yesterday and cleared away a new spot to put my 20ft two man stand and man did this thing make life so much easier!!! Previously I was using a lot of the mainstream saws that you could find pretty much at any retailer that deals in outdoor equipment. I will not say what brands I used because this is not what that is about. I will so however that this saw is in all honesty a cut above the rest. Just the feel of the saw in your hand and the way that Wicked Tree designed the ergonomics of the saw is outstanding. A lot of saws I have held have had an unbalanced feel to them and others have felt balanced. I would say the Wicked Tree saw is balanced and relatively lite. Here is a picture of the saw in my hand. You can see how well is forms to the hand. Of course I am holding to take a picture but in the field your fingers would be grasping it in the correct position.photo(8)

When you pick up a saw that you might purchase what do we mainly look at? The blade. What I love about this saw and not just its blade but its design. When we look at the blade from a side angle (the picture to your right) it looks just like any other blade that is put on a saw, but when you look at if from the top we see where this saw holds the advantage. The teeth of the blade are in a staggered double row set. This design is very resembling of the way sharks teeth are. Shark use their teeth in the same manor as a saw, because their main use is to cut and tear through its object. As we all know sharks a not a force to be reckoned with. The blade of the Wicked Tree saw is made of Impulse Hardened High Carbon Steel. This means the steel used to manufacture the blades have been heat treated and contain 0.30-0.59% carbon. This is the same steel that they use in springs and high tension/high strength wires. Here Is a top picture of what the teeth on the blade look like:photo(5)

The frame of the blade handle is made of Cast Aluminum. Cast aluminum is a very high resistant, high strength, and durable grade aluminum. The handle is also over molded with a non-slip rubber which is great for those times you may be in the woods cutting and its raining, or you just have sweaty palms. The blade tucks away into the handle about an inch which protects the users hands from possible accidents. Wicked tree has also installed a fail safe blade lock design which is comprised of all hardened steel. This includes the locking pins and hardware.

While I was cutting out the new spot for my stand I did realize one thing that I don’t think a lot of users would recognize. I know I surely was not looking for this, but as I was using the saw I realized that in the design of the saw Wicked Tree made the saw have a slighter more arch to it than other saws. I noticed that this arch increased the amount of energy put into each movement and did not tire my arm as much. I do not know if they did this on purpose or are completely unaware of it but its there, and I enjoy that little bonus! Also, if you look at the handle of the saw you will notice these cut outs on the rubber handle which increases the gripping ability a lot. I would have thought they would have when with a solid piece of rubber or the little slits in the rubber most manufactures go with. This actually allows your palms and fingers to sink into these cut outs and increase that amount of hand contact that you are getting while using the saw. Well I hope you enjoyed this write up. I will keep you update with the saw and how the durability and longevity of it goes. So far so good!


Almost forgot!!! One thing that I do not like about the saw at all is the fact that it does not come with a lanyard out of the box. I think that if Wicked Tree would incorporate a para-cord lanyard on the end of these with a carabiner for those of us that use it outdoors it would be a really nice add on. It Would make it easy to attach to a backpack or hook it somewhere when you don’t need it right away in the stand. They do make a sheath for these but have not got my hands on one yet. The sheath would be nice but I think I would lean more towards the lanyard and carabiner. If the folks at Wicked Tree are reading this just think about it! Maybe a great idea because it seems that anything para-cord is in these days. Still not a reason to go not go out and buy one. These are in my opinion the best saw you can buy on the market to date.



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A Few More Pictures of the Saw

photo(9) photo(7) photo(6) photo(4) photo(3)


3 thoughts on “Wicked Tree Hand Saw Review Pt. 1

  1. Thanks again for the saw! I tried it out this weekend and it is by far the best saw on the market. It cuts through anything with ease. Very durable. I do agree that I they should include a paracord type lanyard on the saw. This would prevent dropping the saw if you were 25 feet up in a tree or like you said, another way to carry it on your backpack, etc. A must have for every hunter/outdoorsman!!

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